Christian fund raising is some of the most rewarding fund raising out there. Not only are you helping out your church, Christian fundraising gives you a fantastic opportunity to bond not only with other members of your faith, but also with the community at large. What better way to spread His message than with a Christian fund raiser that benefits everyone involved!

One issue that often concerns those who organize Christian fund raising is intent versus practice. You want every activity you participate in and that you ask the parishioners to participate in to reflect the glory of God, but sometimes that can be tricky to accomplish. It is a fact of life that churches and other Christian groups need money in order to operate successfully, but your Christian fundraising also needs to be reflective of the standards you strive to adhere to on your Christian path.

Christian fund raising is an important activity in the community, and you will certainly enjoy choosing one of our fund raisers. In particular, many Christian fundraiser groups really enjoy participating in our Walk with Jesus Candles fund raiser. Not only are the candles beautiful and practical, but you can sell them confidently, knowing that your work is benefiting God's people in more ways than one.

If you think that the candles fund raiser is not the best one for your Christian fund raising, don't worry - we are proud to say that all of our fund raising activities are appropriate in a Christian context, and you can feel comfortable choosing any of them. So whether you go with the candles, or our green fund raiser, or even our Christian scratch cards, you can be confident that you have chosen a Christian fund raising activity that will help get some much-needed funds for your group, while still upholding the standards of your faith and helping you connect with the community for the glory of God.