Basketball is one of the most popular sports both on the participant level and as a spectator sport. Go to any high school on basketball night and you will see plenty of fans in the stands. The crowds grow for college basketball and stay involved with National Basketball Association teams.

One of the great attractions to basketball for young children is the low cost of participating. Kids just congregate up at the play ground or school yard. They find other kids wanting to play basketball and learn some skills on those courts.

Later on, though, if basketball becomes a passion, the expenses can get high. Some people are truly gifted talent wise and do not need much training. But as evidenced in the movie Glory Road, winning in team basketball requires hard work, team work and some professional coaching. That?s when the need for basketball fundraising becomes more evident.

The Need for Basketball Fundraising

How do you know what basketball fundraiser to hold? That is a difficult question. Here are some things to take into consideration: You need to know how much money you need to raise. Will you be raising the money alone? Is there an event that is holding a basketball tournament fund raiser? How quickly do you need to raise the money? Do you have money to purchase fundraising products?

A basketball fund raiser can be as simple as selling basketball lollipops up at the schoolyard or in the school gym. You can purchase basketball lollipops for a quarter each and sell them for fifty cents or double your cost. If there are a lot of children around, this is a fast, simple way to raise money. Of course it is not the best option if you need your basketball fund raiser to product lots of money.

Candy also works wonderfully for basketball fundraising. Candy typically sells for a dollar and, depending on how much candy is sold; you can double your money. It is easy to sell and easy to understand.

If you want the easiest, most profitable basketball fundraising idea, take a look at basketball scratch card fundraisers. Scratch cards each raise $100. Typically each player gets one scratch card. They get people to scratch off two of fifty dots on the card and ask for that amount as a donation. As a thank you gift, the donor is given a sheet of valuable coupons from national merchants. When the player gets all fifty dots scratched they will have raised a hundred bucks.

If you need a basketball fundraising idea, don?t worry, there are plenty of them available.