The newest band fundraiser available is one that is sure to be a hit! Money Savings Cards are providing a brand new fundraising concept for lots of groups across the nation. They are simple, effective, and will help earn your band lots of extra money.

The Money Savings Card fundraiser is exactly what it sounds like; it is a card that will save the buyer tons of money while they do their normal online shopping. Your band purchases the cards upfront. The price that you pay is determined by the amount of cards you buy, but you only pay a fraction of the selling price. Your customers buy the cards from you for $10 each. Because you have already paid for the cards, the money you collect is yours to keep.

On the back of each card there is a code that the buyer will use to go online and enter to reveal online discounts and coupons. Hundreds of stores are signed up to each code so that when the customer goes to certain websites they will receive updates about the ongoing sales and discounts. The best part of this band fundraising idea is that the card never expires. You can also sell this card anywhere in the United States ? your groups is no longer limited to just your area. Your customers can also keep using this card over and over; constantly getting more deals.

When you are ready to start this high school band fund raiser, contact your local fundraising consultant to answer any questions.