When you are doing a fundraiser with elementary school children it is always good to remember one thing ? the easier the better! If you can find a fundraising program that keeps things simple for the seller and is still beneficial for the buyer, then you will have a great fundraiser!

The newest fundraiser available does just that! Money Savings Cards are a great elementary fundraiser to do with school-age children. A Money Savings card is a card that offers the buyer exclusive rights to online discounts at their favorite stores. Your group sells the card for $10 each, and receives profit based on how many cards you purchase up front.

Why is this so perfect for an elementary school fundraiser ? The cards are easy to sell. Everybody is looking for discounts; especially from the places they shop the most. Since the cards are a great deal there is not a lot of explanation needed to sell the cards. They are also an even price. With each card valued at $10, kids will not need to worry about keeping change, or figuring a large total when customers turn in their money.

As a direct-sale item, the Money Savings Cards are also ideal for elementary school fund raisers because there is no follow-up required. Kids will not have to keep track of a customer address with this fundraiser because once the card is sold that is it; no extra delivery of products involved.

With your next fundraiser, keep it simple with the Money Savings Card.