A student council fundraiser may seem like a great hassle, and of course it's not the easiest project in the world. There's certainly a lot of planning and organizing to do, not to mention going through the motions of the actual fundraising activity itself.

But as fundraisers go, you really couldn't be in a better position - the student council is a central focus of the entire school. It is the school's government, in a very important way, and a lot of attention is drawn to student council activities and decisions.

Most student council fundraisers have another advantage in that you have a huge, sometimes even school-wide, pool of fundraising volunteers to work with. This means that the sky really is the limit with what kind of fundraisers you can do, and the sorts of options you have to work with.

Smaller Group Student Council Fundraisers

Many smaller groups are somewhat limited by minimum orders and profit margins, but if you have a lot of people to work with, try not to be discouraged by the fact that a student council fundraiser is chaotic or takes a lot of organization, because the payoff is that you have a very powerful fundraising team on your hands.

Choosing a fundraiser can be the most rewarding and fun part of the process. You could go with something traditional like a chocolate bar fundraiser, or you could do a brochure fundraiser with any kind of products you wish. We even have fundraisers where there's no real product at all. Scratch cards are a great fundraiser, because there's no product distribution to deal with, and no order money to keep track of.

Some schools like to go with discount cards, as well, as they make a great repeating fundraiser that can be done every year. People in the community can get addicted to that sort of fundraiser, looking forward to their new discount card every year.