Whether you are trying to raise a little money for a small fraternity chapter, or a lot of money for a large fraternity chapter, or some other combination, you are probably wondering what sort of fundraising ideas there are for fraternities. Luckily, there is no shortage of fundraising ideas for fraternities, so no matter what your situation or monetary goals, you will not have any problems finding a fundraiser that will work for you and your situation.

You probably remember a lot of good fundraising ideas that you did in middle school and high school, and believe it or not, not only are most of those same fundraising ideas around now, but they're still some of the most popular and reliable of fundraising ideas. In your fraternity there's a big emphasis on tradition, so why not keep tradition alive by doing one of the classic fundraising ideas? Candy bars and catalogues, remember those? They're still going strong, and you can make a lot of money using either of these fundraising ideas for your fraternity.

But if you're really determined to do something a little newer and different, that's fine, too - we've definitely got you covered in that area. We have a very wide selection of new and exciting fundraisers for fraternities, and many of them may be ones you haven't even heard of. Scratch cards, for example, work really well for fraternities, as do pizza cards. Think about it, people buy a pizza card from you, and they get an amazing 2-for-1 deal at your local pizza retailer. I'm sure you can see the potential in running a fundraising ideas like that in your fraternity. After all, who doesn't love free pizza?

Even if you need to raise a significant amount of funds in a short time period, we can help you sort out a fundraising idea that is appropriate for your goals. Have a look through our fraternity fundraising ideas, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call your fundraising consultant for help.