Direct sale fundraisers may seem the most straightforward school fundraisers, and admittedly they probably are. You decide on a product, you buy the product at cost, you sell it for a profit, and you keep all the money. Simple. There are no school fundraiser forms to fill out, and no hassle about product delivery. However, direct sale fundraisers don't suit every type of group, and this is especially true if there just aren't the funds available to make the required initial investment. You may be dreading doing a pre-sale fundraiser because you've been led to believe that all the brochures and school fundraiser forms are complicated, but really once you understand how the process works, there's nothing to it.

Pre-sale school fundraiser forms actually help keep everything organized, because you have a paper record of everything you sell and where each product needs to go. And the school fundraiser forms don't cost you anything - we will send you all the brochures and forms you need to cover everyone in your group. School fundraiser forms are not as complicated as you think, either - with a small amount of guidance, even the kids will be able to fill out the school fundraiser forms on their own, and this will also help them keep track of their own personal progress with the school fundraiser.

This brings up another advantage of school fundraiser forms - the element of competition. Kids can't help it, they each want to be the best they can be, and that's fantastic both for their personal development and for your school fundraiser. With their school fundraiser forms, they can compare notes on how they're doing, and this can help them spur each other on to even greater levels of success. So there's no reason to be afraid of school fundraiser forms - they can help you out in several ways, and all you have to do is send them into us with the collected money, and wait for your products to be shipped to you. Easy as pie!