If it's time for your group to start getting some supplementary income, a magazine fundraiser can be a great place to start.

You already know how popular magazines are, both with individuals and with offices of all kinds. But from the other perspective, how can you know if a magazine fundraiser is the right way for you to raise money for your cause?

The good news is that pretty much any group can benefit from this type of fundraising - even with just a minimum of 25 subscriptions, you can start with profit margins of 30%, and those profits can soar up to 60% if you have a large group with a lot of selling power, that can make sales of over a thousand subscriptions.

A Magazine fundraiser is great for first-time fundraising teams, because it's fairly simple, and there's not a lot to understand about the product or the way to sell it. You simply order your brochures and order forms from us, based on the size of your fundraising team, and we send those out to you free of charge. The brochures include the best deals available on 80 of the best-selling magazines out there. These are not obscure titles no one has heard of - they can choose from names like Glamour, Discover, ESPN, and more.

Once you have collected the orders from your magazine fundraiser, the rest is simple. We send you a voucher for each subscription you have, you distribute those vouchers to your supporters. All they have to do is fill out the voucher and mail it in - the postage won't cost them a thing.

Before they know it, their magazines will begin arriving every month, and your group will have all the money it needs from the magazine fundraiser to meet your financial goals.