As you get ready to start a high school fundraisers, there are several things to keep in mind.

Big Groups: (Marching Band, Student Council, Senior Class) If your group is large you will have several opportunities for raising lots of money. Your possibilities are endless with lots of people. Many big groups decide to do a direct-sale fundraiser. These types of high school fundraising ideas include selling items like candy, lollipops, pizza cards, Money Savings Cards, etc. You purchase the items upfront for a fraction of what you sell them for; most items sell for a few dollars. Large groups can do well because each person is responsible for selling a certain amount. Everybody does their part and carries their weight.

Small Groups: (Science Club, Spanish Club, FBLA) With only a few people in your group you will want to look closely at minimums and shipping fees. Make sure that you group will be able to cover any costs before starting a fundraiser. The best high school fundraisers for small groups are called brochure fundraisers. You receive free brochures that your group uses to promote different items that you are selling. You collect money as you sell, and then send a portion of the profits in at the end of the fundraiser to help pay for the items. You always keep your profits, and there is no risk involved. Some of the most successful fundraisers for small groups include cookie dough, candles and flowers.