Elementary schools have tons of events that require funding. That's why finding the right fundraising idea is key!

Direct Sales Fundraiser - This is a very common Elementary school fundraiser. Your Elementary School orders an inventory of fundraising products to be sold by your participants. It is referred to as direct sales fundraising since your participants will directly hand the fundraising product to their buyer when the sale is made. Some fund raising companies allow time for you to sell the products before requiring payment while others, especially those providing custom products, will require payment in advance of your fund raiser. Great examples of direct sales fundraising items are: Domino's Pizza Cards, M&M's Variety Pack Candy and Carousel Round Lollipops.

Order Taker or Pre-Sell Fundraiser

If you are looking for a no-cash upfront fundraising event, this may be your option. Your Elementary School fundraising volunteers are each provided a brochure to show potential supporters the products you have chosen to sell for your fundraiser. You will also be given an order form to record all orders on. Once your participants are done fundraising, all order forms are tallied and sent to the fund raising company which ships the products to the contact person for your group fund raiser. Your members and volunteers then deliver the products to your supporters. We strongly suggest you collect the funds when writing the orders, not when delivering the product. Great pre-sell fundraising ideas include Chippery Cookie Dough fundraisers, Coffee City Coffee fundraising and Season Sellers.