If you have been involved with high school fundraisers in the past, you already know how boring they can get. Some schools do the same high school fundraisers year in and year out, so now that you're in charge of organizing things, why not have a look at some unique high school fundraising ideas that will get everyone excited again?

You may think that there's no such thing as a unique high school fundraiser, that you've seen it all and heard it all. Well, how about temporary tattoos? It sounds crazy, but not only is it unique, it works extremely well in a high school environment. Kids love temporary tattoos, and many will buy more than one. This can be quite a good moneymaker, and it is certainly a unique high school fundraiser idea.

Everyone has seen the tried and tested catalogue fundraisers before, but what about one with a unique twist? Our green fundraiser works like a regular catalogue fundraiser, except all the products are aimed toward the environmentally conscious consumer. These days, that pretty much means everyone! The green fundraiser is a unique take on a high school fundraiser that you already know works well.

If your high school has done the candy bar fundraiser a million times and you were hoping to cash in on the school's sweet tooth without doing the same thing yet again, cookie dough can be a fantastic high school fund raiser. This is both a unique way to tempt people with a fantastic treat and a great way to raise money, but it's not quite the same old fundraiser you've always done before.

No matter what your group size or profit goals, chances are you will be able to find some unique high school fundraisers that will keep everyone interested and make a lot of money for the school. Ask your fundraising consultant to suggest some unique ideas based on your needs and targets, and have fun putting together the most unique high school fundraiser your school has ever had.