Sports fundraisers are a great way to bring money in for any non-profit organization, and golf fundraising events are particularly fun if you think you can spark local interest, and you are planning on running your fundraiser when the weather tends to be nice.

Golf fundraiser events do take a lot of hard work and planning, though, but if you play your cards right, you can bring in a very decent amount of money just over a single day or a two-day event.

The key to getting this right is organization, and knowing exactly where you can boost profits. Details are often overlooked in the quest to get the big corporate sponsorships. No doubt local businesses will form a huge percentage of the day's intake, but don't forget that the little things add up, too. No fundraising idea is too small.

Personal sponsorship is a great way for the golfers themselves to contribute to golf fundraising events. If you can recommend that each golfer set a minimum goal of $100 in sponsorship, you'll be surprised how competitive they will get even about that. Some will shock you with how much money they'll bring in, and these donations can really accumulate. Selling things on the day of golf fundraising events is also an important aspect of overall income.

Raffles can be a great idea, and if you can get prizes donated by local golf shops in exchange for advertising space, then the raffle won't even cost you anything.

Food is another thing that often gets given low priority at golf fundraising events, but people will certainly be hungry and thirsty at an all-day event. Have snacks and drinks for sale at the very least, and if you can work with the club to host a lunch for the players, everyone will be happy and well-fed, and your organization will see profits you never even dreamed of.