Varsity Gold Fundraising was an aggressive fundraising company that is no longer is business.

Their name was not entirely indicative of what they did. They did not really focus on Varsity Fundraising. And they certainly had nothing to do with gold.

The company made is name selling fundraising discount cards. Discount cards remain one of the highest profit fundraisers around. Lots of high schools used discount cards for their varsity fundraising programs because of the profits.

Easy Fundraising Ideas offers the widest selection of fundraising cards available. Here are some of the options you might consider:

Pizza Fundraiser Cards: These are the most popular fundraising cards offered. Interestingly, Varsity Fundraising never offered them. The cards combine two things most people love: free food and pizza. The cards typically offer a free pizza when the card holder purchases a pizza at the regular price. It can be used up to 20 times within a one year period. The cards sell for $10 and can cost your group less than $1 each. As you can see, the profit potential is extremely high.

Varsity Gold Fundraising specialized in multi offer custom discount cards. If your group had sold Varsity Gold Fundraising cards in the past then Easy Fundraising Ideas can help you continue that program. Call us toll free 866-874-8383. We can send you merchant agreements to take to the merchants who previously advertised on your cards and get them to agree to continue advertising.

Our graphics staff will custom design your card once you submit merchant agreements. Unlike Varsity Gold Fundraising we will design your card any way you would like and you have complete flexibility in terms of pricing.

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