Are you in charge of searching for or managing the fundraiser for your High School this year? Have the fundraising programs you have done in the past not really worked all that well? Or maybe they just took too much work and didn?t raise enough money? Well, we have one incredibly easy high school fundraiser that you are going to absolutely love.

Known as the Visit Our Mall high school fundraising program, this is the most hands off fundraiser available anywhere. It is easy to set up and once you hit go, it literally runs itself.

The way it works is simple. Simply sign up your high school for an online shopping mall fundraiser. You earn a percentage of anything and everything purchased at a store that is advertised in your mall.

Once you have signed up you will need to let students, parents, and teachers at your High School know about the fundraiser. Nearly everyone shops online these days and most people are looking for coupons or discounts to the stores they like to shop at. The great thing about your online mall High School fundraiser is that it ALREADY HAS all of the coupons and discounts that are available right there in your mall.

Talk about hands free fundraising. Once it is up and running, it just keeps going forever and your group keeps raising money for as long as you want your mall active. Each mall contains hundreds of stores with coupon codes and deals that are updated weekly. Just remember, if you want your High School fundraiser to earn as much money as possible, people HAVE to go through your mall to make their purchases.

For more information about this terrific High School fundraising idea, or to learn about any of our other High School fundraisers, just give one of our fundraising experts a call at 866-874-8383.