Breast Cancer is such a pervasive and devastating disease. With the enormous costs associated with treating patients and researching cures, breast cancer fundraisers are very popular. Here at Easy Fundraising Ideas, we have put together some excellent programs that you can use for you next breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

When we first put together our list of the best breast cancer fundraisers, we realized that they all have a couple of things in common. The first is that they have high profit potential. In fact, some of our cancer fundraising programs offer as much as 90% profit. Another thing they have in common is that they have uplifting themes. You will see what I mean when you see the programs we are offering.

The newest breast cancer awareness fundraising program we offer is our Go Green fundraiser. It is a program that offers a line of completely earth friendly and totally organic products. Examples of products in this breast cancer fundraiser include fair trade organic coffees and all natural body care products.

Another idea you may want to consider is the Flower Bulb breast cancer fundraiser. Because breast cancer overwhelmingly impact women, selling something women love like flower bulbs is a great way to raise money for breast cancer awareness. And, the great thing for your group is that we offer a flat 50% profit on our flower bulb fundraiser.

To get started on one of our breast cancer awareness fundraisers today please call one of our knowledgeable fundraising consultants at 866-874-8383. They will be happy to get you started right away.