A cookie dough fundraiser the same as all order taker fundraisers. Each member of your grouo gets a brochure, an order form and are sent out to get orders for cookie dough.

There are quite a few choices of cookie dough fundraisers. The best selling right now is for selling $10 tubs of cookie dough. You can also choose dough in pre-sliced pieces to simplify the baking process. Finally you can also choose a dry cookie mix fundraiser that doesn't need refrigeration. All you do is add water, mix by hand, and you have your cookie dough ready for baking.

Your group can make up to 55% profit selling cookie dough but your actual profit depends on the number of tubs you sell. Be sure you understand the profit chart before starting. Unlike other companies there are no hidden charges at Easy Fundraising Ideas. Shipping is always free and so are brochures and marketing materials.

Most cookie dough needs to be refrigerated, so this fundraiser requires a little more delivery preparation. Schedule a delivery pickup day where pre-bagged orders can be handed to your participants when they are on their way home.

Kids like selling cookie dough because it?s something that they enjoy themselves. You should set a goal for each person to sell at least ten units. If you don't set a goal don't be surprised if you are disappointed in your results.

Cookie dough fundraising works well for both elementary school and high school fundraising. Larger groups can easily earn a 50% profit.

Remember the product is easy to sell because kids like it and their parents do too. Profit margins are high and many people will buy more than one unit. There is an excellent selection of flavors.