Some may ask “what is the definition of cheerleading”? The definition is more complicated than you may think. A common definition of cheerleading is one that includes a group of individuals performing as one cohesive unit to incite a crowd to cheer for their sports team. One clear definition to cover all aspects of cheerleading is not readily available. That is why the definition actually should be looked at from three different perspectives.

How does the Definition of Cheerleading Relate to Recreational Sports

Primarily, when one first thinks of cheerleading, the image of a Friday night football game comes to mind, with girls in short skirts and pom poms in hand. These girls, and often times young male cheerleaders, are given the task to energize the fans who will in turn energize their team to perform to the best of their capabilities. They are youthful, energetic and can perform basic tumbling and jumping. These highly energized individuals are the ones whom many people think of as cheerleaders.

How does the Definition of Cheerleading Relate to Professional Cheerleading

Professional Cheerleading caters to the more mature audience and really showcases the cheerleaders dancing ability more than their gymnastics ability. Professional cheerleaders are an industry of their own, and although they are on the sideline, they don't resemble their high school or collegiate counterparts. Their attire is generally more provocative as well as their dance moves, but professional cheerleading requires a lot of poise, practice and teamwork. The definition of professional cheerleading is a cohesive group of women that entertain the audience at sporting events.