A fund raiser is just a fact of life for school kids of any age, but middle school is when the momentum of fund raising really starts kicking in. Fundraisers are pretty much essential these days in order to keep extra-curricular activities running smoothly and able to stay afloat. A fund raiser can be a great way to make sure your sport or club gets adequate funding, and of course if the kids could get some enjoyment out of the fund raiser as well, that would be a great bonus!

You probably already know what kind of fund raiser the kids would like: candy. Candy bars may seem like the same old boring fund raiser that you did when you were in middle school, but the reason we still offer fund raisers like these is because they continue to perform well in profits year after year. Candy works particularly well if the students will be selling to their fellow students, so if you can arrange some kind of permission for them to sell on school grounds, that will make your fund raiser that much easier. Stick with name brands like Hersheys, and that's a sure-fire winner.

If you want to broaden the scope of your potential customer base, pizza cards are a great way to cover both the student and the adult fund raiser market. Pizza cards work well as a middle school fundraiser because the concept is simple - pizza places in your local area give discounts in exchange for the card, your customers get some really great deals on pizza, and your middle school gets to benefit from the profits of the fund raiser. Pizza cards are a wonderful idea for a good all-around fund raiser, and many middle school groups and clubs have great success with them.

You can check out some of our other interesting middle school fund raisers if you want some more inspirational ideas, and just remember that there is no one right way to do it - as long as you find a middle school fundraising idea that suits you and your group, the sky's the limit on how much you can raise.