If you're in charge of your team's fundraising this year, it's likely you're starting to think about what kind of fundraising you could do that wouldn't bore your team to tears. Without fundraising, charities for the most part would not be able to continue their important work, but that doesn't mean that helping them out should be boring or stressful. So what is the best route to head down when fundraising for charities?

Here's the good and bad news: there is no right answer. You can do things any way you want to, as long as you tailor your fundraising for charities to your group and its customers. Many groups who do fundraising for charities like to stick with fundraising activities that they know will work. These classic ideas can help build a fundraising tradition that people look forward to year after year. To give a example that everyone is familiar with, consider the Girl Scouts. Their cookie fundraisers have not changed much at all over the past few decades, and that has most certainly worked in their favour. When you build a tradition with your fundraising, charities can rely on you to make that tradition strong and build on your successes year after year. This is a popular route for many fundraising teams, and it's certainly something you can explore.

On the other hand, maybe you want your fundraising to be something new and fresh every year, and that's fine as well - many fundraising teams have great success by rotating their fundraising ideas and keeping people on their toes. Why not try something different like pizza cards or cookie dough? If you think your customers would be open to it, you can even go for a modern idea like one of our green fundraising ideas. With fundraising, charities will benefit no matter which idea you choose, so browse through our selection of charity fundraising ideas and start getting inspired.