Coming up with decent student council fundraising ideas is no easy task.

For one thing, there are a lot of people to please, and not everyone will have the same idea of what would be fun or effecting. The second issue is getting your fundraiser off the ground and getting everyone working in the right direction.

Student council fundraisers can be a school-wide affair, or it may just be a select fundraising team that is involved. Either way, there are plenty of student council fundraising ideas out there to suit every type of group, and regardless of your size and goals, you will certainly find the one for you.

Direct sale student council fundraising ideas are those where you buy your products up front, we send them out to you, and then the rest is up to you. These work well if you have a budget you can use to get your products ahead of time, and then all the profit that comes in is yours.

Many of the products have small or no minimum orders, and you can order as many or as few as your need. Pre sale student council fundraising ideas can often work well for larger groups with more selling power, who don't want to put down any money up front, but will have a much easier time of meeting any minimum order requirements.

If you have a large fundraising team, you can really do well. We send you all the materials you will need to get started, and all you have to do is send the team out with their order forms and product brochures. There are many student council fundraising ideas to choose from, so have a look at our fundraiser pages and see which ideas are suitable for your group

If you need any advice or help, do not hesitate to contact your fundraising consultant.