Cookie Dough Fundraisers - Learn How to Raise the Most Money

Written by Howard Gottlieb

Are you considering selling cookie dough for your next fundraiser but don't feel you know everything you might need to know about cookie dough fundraising yet?

If so you're not alone. Easy Fundraising Ideas has been helping more than 10,000 groups choose the best fundraisers since 2000 and I can assure you that lots of people have questions about cookie dough fundraisers. So lots of groups struggle to get the best results possible.

The good news is that properly equipped you will not only choose the best option you will also avoid the common mistakes that limit some groups.

Below we will cover the 5 simple things to consider before starting your cookie dough fundraiser.

Consideration #1: Frozen or not frozen:

Most people that sell cookie dough sell tubs of frozen dough. It's been around the longest and it's what your customers expect. So we would suggest you consider our $10 tubs of frozen dough first.

As we stated above there is little risk in handling or storing the frozen product. Manufacturers have gotten much better at producing a great tasting, shipping stable product. Since the dough can be safely thawed and refrozen and stays fresh up to 21 days at room temperatures there is little reason to eliiminate this option.

Crazy About Cookies Tub

The major consideration when it comes to frozen cookie dough is the cost of shipping. We do not charge a separate shipping fee but we do charge more for each tub on smaller orders. In fact the more tubs you sell the less you pay per tub because the cost of shipping is less expensive on a per tub basis.

If you've decided you are okay with frozen cookie dough then consider either the $10 tubs or boxes of preportioned dough. You'll find more details on those specific product pages.

It's important for you to know we were one of the first companies to roll back prices on tubs of cookie dough. We were one of the first to reintroduce the $10 price point. Customers let us know that people were growing tired of the ever rising price for a tub of dough so we decided to see what we could do to offer a product that could sell for $10. Since then that has become the most popular program in America.

So if you're ready to choose here are the best frozen and non frozen options:

1. Click here for top frozen cookie dough fundraiser

2. Click here for top cookie dough fundraiser that requires no refrigeration

Consideration #2: What Company Should you Use?

There are lots of choices for anyone wanting to sell cookie dough. To save time we wanted to share some information from some of the top companies:

Woman Making Decision

Easy Fundraising Ideas: We are not a manufacturer of our own product which actually means we can be honest about the products we sell. We choose our manufacturing partners carefully and review product quality and delivery performance regularly. That way we make sure you are getting the best products in the industry.

We helped more than 10,000 groups last year alone. Nearly 1,000 of those groups sold cookie dough. So we feel uniquely qualified to help you choose the best brand and best program for your particular needs.

Pros: We search for the best manufacturers of cookie dough and only offer their products. We offer the highest profits, broadest product line and lowest minimums. Cons: We hope our pursuit of excellence identifies and corrects any possible cons for using Easy Fundraising for your cookie dough.

If you're ready to choose your cookie dough fundraiser click here.

Otis Spunkmeyer: Otis Spunkmeyer is one of the best known cookie dough brands. Their product is excellent. According to their website you sell their product for $16 each. You get 36 cookies from each tub you purchase.

They offer an online profit calculator. Their site says "every $16 tub of cookie dough you sell raises $6.40 for your cause." That means you make 40% profit.

Pros: Extremely well know brand, high quality product, attractive materials. Cons: Higher priced tubs, lower profit margins.

The Goodies Factory: Honestly we don't have any personal experience with this company. Their site says they are the manufacturer of their own product. The offer multiple programs ranging in price from $10 to $16. The offer both tubs and boxes of preportioned cookie dough.

Like Otis their site says you will make 40% profit. They offer free shipping but there is an asterik next to that claim. If you go further down on their site you see that you might need to sell 500 or more items to qualify for free shipping depending on what part of the country you are in.

Pros: National company, offers multiple options. Cons: Offers only 40% profit and requires high minimums for free shipping.

Mrs. Fields: This company is relatively new to the fundraising arena. The company is best known for its mall based stores that sell freshly baked cookies.

The company website says the product sells for $16 retail with 40% profit to the group. That means a group will make $6.40 per box. There is no mention of minimum order requirements or any discussion of shipping costs, lead times or other information.

In their discussion of how much a group can make with their cookie dough program the example they use is that each seller sells 25 boxes which is extremely aggressive.

Pros: Well known nationally recognized brand. Cons: Highest profit is only 40%, does not discuss shipping costs or minimum requirements.

Hopefully that provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on the best cookie dough fundraising options.

Let me give you one last reason why it makes the most sense to use Easy Fundraising Ideas. We are the largest independent online product fundraising company in the country. Every year we review all of the cookie dough options available in the country and make sure that our programs offer the best terms, the highest profits and the lowest costs.

Consideration #3: Is Shipping Free or Not?

Delivery Man

Cookie dough is heavy and expensive to ship. That's especially true for frozen cookie dough.

That's why it's so important to ask some important questions before choosing a fundraising company to partner with.

Question #1: Do you charge for shipping?

If the answer is yes find out exactly how they calculate their freight costs. Is it by the tub or box? Is there a minimum order you can place after which they will waive the freight charges?

Question #2: Is freight included in your profit calculation?

Some fundraising companies are notorious for overstating profit percentages. There's one company in particular that promotes the highest profit margins around. Some are as high as 100%. Others are 70-90%. Think about the absurdity of that before falling for it. How in the world are they staying in business selling cookie dough for less than it costs to produce?

But for now make sure that any and all freight costs have been calculated into the final profit margin you are being offered.

Question #3: If shipping if free is there a minimum you need to order to qualify?

It is entirely reasonable for companies to offer free shipping if you order more than a minimum number of tubs or boxes. Just be sure you know the specific terms of how you would qualify for free shipping.

Consideration #4: How much does it cost to get started?

Startup Costs

Cookie dough fundraisers are part of a group of pre sell fundraisers. That means that members of your group will go out and take orders before you actually purchase your product.

So you will need to have supplies like order forms and cash collection envelopes and other promotional materials for every member of your group.

Most fundraising companies like Easy Fundraising Ideas give you everything you need to get started at no cost. Be sure any company you choose does the same. And make sure there is no cost for brochures if you don't complete your fundraiser or if you don't meet certain minimums.

The bottom line is that it should not cost you a single penny to start a cookie dough fundraiser!

Consideration #5: Choosing the best cookie dough for your group

There are lots of options to choose from. But the first question you should ask is whether you are okay handling a frozen product. That's not as big of a deal as you'd think because our frozen cookie dough can be safely thawed and refrozen.

It can be frozen for up to one year, refrigerated for 6 months and will stay fresh at room temperatures (below 77 degrees) for 21 days. The cookie dough can be thawed and refrozen. That's important because shipping times vary. But there's no risk to the cookie dough if it thaws during shipping or distribution.

Top 3 Choices

Having said that here are the top 3 cookie dough fundraisers in our opinion:

$10 Tubs of Frozen Cookie Dough: The lowest priced tubs. Minimum order is only 120 tubs. No cost to start. Free shipping on all orders. Profits as high as 55%.

Cookie Mix That Requires No Refrigeration: Delisheries Cookie Mix is the only cookie dough program that offers 50% profit no matter how many units you sell. Shipping is FREE on orders of 150 items or more. We charge a fee of $65 for all orders less than 150 items. And it doesn't require any refrigeration.

Home Delivery Cookie DoughNo minimum. Cookie dough is shipped directly to your custocustomer so there is no product delivery. Free brochures. No cost to get started. Makes up to $6 profit per tub.

Our Cookie Dough Fundraisers:

#1 Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Our best selling cookie dough for the past 3 years

Home Delivery Cookie Dough E-Coupons
Tubs are shipped directly to your customer's home or office.
$10 Preportioned Cookie Dough
Lowest price on preformed cookies. No need for scoops.
Cookie Mix Fundraiser
The only 50% profit cookie mix fundraiser available.
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