Top Sports Fundraising Ideas

Sports Scratch Card

All Sport Scratch Cards

Each athlete can raise $100 with a single card

Hershey $2 Candy Bars

Hershey $2 Candy Bars

Name brand candy that's perfect for teams or leagues

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs

The #1 cookie dough fundraiser for sports groups

Restaurant Fundraiser Cards

Restaurant Fundraiser Cards

Gift cards good at any of more than 18,000 restaurants

Pizza Fundraising Cards

Pizza Fundraising Cards

Nothing like free pizza to help your team raise money

Peanut FREE $1 Chocolate Bars

Peanut FREE $1 Chocolate Bars

Here's our top selling fundraising candy bars

Sports Lollipops

Sports Lollipops

Lollipops are easy to sell in concession stands or at games

Coffee Backpacks

Coffee Backpacks

Players sell great tasting coffee and get a back pack

Sports Fundraising Doesn't Have to be Hard

Sports fundraising is so critical these days. Whether you are a basketball, football, soccer, or cheerleading organization, the costs of playing sports is getting higher than registration fees and budgets can handle. Most leagues require players to participate in some sort of sports fundraiser to offset costs. The difficult thing is choosing the best fundraising ideas for your particular team.

How to Get Started

There are so many different types of sports and athletics that choosing a fundraiser can be overwhelming. We've been helping athletes raise money for more than 10 years and we believe the best place to start is by choosing your sport either at the top of this page or by scrolling down a little for a more detailed selection.

We have created specialty pages for dozens and dozens of different sports where we offer some good resources and suggestions specific to your event, team or league. We offer some of the best fundraising product suggestions and we offer links to articles that discuss more indepth topics relating to your choice. So we believe that is the best way to find the best idea for your needs.

Do I need to Be Part of a Team?

Easy Fundraising Ideas was one of the first companies to recognize that individuals some times need to raise money and offer fundraisers that worked for small groups and individual athletes. So the answer is you do not need to be part of a team or league to hold a fundraiser.

We have more low minimum and no front cost sports fundraisers than anyone. Click here to take a look at our no front cost options.

Sports Specific Fundraisers

We offer more fundraising scratch cards than any other fundraising company including many that are designed specifically for sports teams and individual athletes. Each fundraising scratch card raises $100. The cost per card is as little as $10 so you can make 90% profit.

We will print the name of your group, team, league or even your name on the cards free of charge. There's only a one card minimum and shipping is free. We believe scratch cards are one of the highest profit sports fundraisers available. Learn more...


Sports Fundraising Ideas by Group Type:

Baseball Fundraising Ideas:

Basketball Fundraising Ideas:

We have a great selection of basketball fundraiser ideas for your team or league. Whether you are looking for lollipops, candy or a product to pre sell, you will find the best basketball sports fundraising ideas for your group here.

Bowling Fundraising:

Are you looking for Bowling Fundraising Ideas? We have fundraising products you can use to sell at the bowling alley. We have high profit fundraising products you can sell anywhere. And we have lots of different fundraising ideas that do not require any upfront money.

Cheerleader Fundraiser:

In this section you will find suggestions and ideas on the best cheerleader fundraisers. Cheerleader fundraisers are usually quite successful because of the outgoing nature of most cheerleaders. The trick is going through our easy cheerleader fundraiser ideas and picking the best option for your cheerleaders.

Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas:

Football Fundraising Ideas:

Golf Fundraising:

Golf Fundraising can be a little trickier than some other sports because the teams are typically smaller or there are even individuals needing to raise money. In this section you will find a list of our top golf fundraising suggestions you should consider.

Hockey Fundraising:

Take a look at this section if you want to find suggestions for successful hockey fundraising ideas. These ideas have worked well for hockey players and teams all through the country. We know you will find the perfect hockey fundraising idea.

Little League Fundraising:

Little League fundraising are usually designed to keep registration fees as low as possible. If you child is going to play baseball they will probably be participating in a Little League Baseball fund raiser. In this section you will find the different options we suggest you consider for your league fundraiser.

Soccer Fundraising Ideas:

Softball Fundraising:

In this section you will find one easy area to browse through the top softball fundraising ideas we offer. There are very high profit softball fundraising programs and others that don’t cost anything to get started. There’s something for every softball player.

Sports Team Fundraising:

If you are part of a sports team needing to raise money you should browse through our sports team fundraising section. We offer a great selection of fundraisers perfect for any sized sports team in virtually any sport.

Tennis Fundraising:

Do you need a Tennis Fundraising Idea? Go to this section. We have put together the best tennis fundraising programs on one page for you. We identify fundraisers that work for individual players and ones that work better for large groups. These are tried and proven money makers for tennis.

Track Fundraising:

In this section we offer the best track fundraising options for you to choose from. We have track fundraisers that work well for individual athletes and we have others that work well for large teams. There is a wide selection of products and programs to choose from.

Varsity Fundraising:

In this section you will find varsity fundraising ideas that are geared to older athletic teams and organizations. It doesn??t matter which particular sport you participate in. You will find the perfect varsity fundraiser here. You’ll find other great varsity fundraising resources as well.

Volleyball Fundraising:

We designed this section to help you choose the best volleyball fundraising idea for your group. We have volleyball fundraisers that work for small groups and even individual players and we have larger programs for bigger volleyball organizations

A Quick Guide to High School Sports Fundraising

There's no getting around it, high school sports are expensive, and usually this means that they require fundraising. Even the most lightweight sports still have the considerations of equipment and uniforms, not to mention any traveling expenses and entrance fees involved with competing. And the bigger the team, the bigger the expenses, so high school sports fundraising is pretty much a given with school budget cuts being what they are these days. ...

Helping Out the Team with Sports Fundraising

Sports teams in schools are a fantastic idea on so many levels. Participating in a sport keeps kids off the sofa, gets them involved in school spirit, and helps to teach them wonderful values like teamwork and physical fitness. Schools are doing their best to support sports, but of course the expenses involved with sports can quickly get out of hand. This is where sports fundraising comes in - it helps to...

New and Different Sports Fundraisers

If you are quite experienced at sports fundraisers, then you already know how boring they can get after a while. So now that it's your turn to take charge of the sports fundraisers in your school, you probably want to try something new and different. Many sports fundraisers stay the same year after year because they work well, but of course there's nothing stopping you from trying out some additional sports fundraisers next...

How to Pick a Good Sports Fundraiser

School sports breed a very special kind of kid. They are motivated, focused, and driven by their goals. These are all traits we want to support and encourage, and yet funding for extracurricular activities goes down every year. A sports fundraiser can really help a lot toward making up for what the school budget cannot supply, and with a good, solid sports fundraiser, not only can the team reach its financial goals,...

High-Profit Sports Fundraising Ideas

As the cost of participating in sports keeps going up, and school funding for sports keeps going down, the importance of sports fundraising grows every year. When it comes time to thing of some great sports fundraising ideas, of course you want to think about your goals and the profit it will take to reach them. But of course, there's the fun aspect, too - you want to choose sports fundraising ideas that...

Organizing Responsible Youth Sports Fundraising

When you are trying to choose activities for youth sports fundraising, it's not all just about the profit and the bottom line. Children are, of course, very impressionable, and you want to do your best to choose youth sports fundraising activities that are in line with the values you want to instill in them. Luckily, we have all sorts of youth sports fundraising activities that will not only help you reach your financial...

Beefing Up the Budget with School Sports Fundraising

School sports are the way that many kids develop skills they cannot get in the classroom. School sports keep kids fit, away from the television and the games console, and teach them things like self-esteem and teamwork. There may come a time, however, when your school sports team faces funding issues that the school cannot completely help with. School sports fundraising, therefore, becomes an important factor in the survival of school sports...

Staying Excited about High School Sports Fundraising

Are you worried about your high school sports fundraising effort? Don't worry, help is on the way. High school sports fundraising is not as difficult as everyone would have you believe, but of course the anticipation is always worse than the actual event. Once you get past some initial hurdles, though, high school sports fundraising will start seeming like second nature to you, and you'll wonder what all the worrying was about....

Helping Out with a School Sports Fundraiser

We usually think of classrooms as the main places where kids learn, but the lessons they get from their extra-curricular activities are invaluable, as well. Sports in particular help kids keep physically fit, and teach them about teamwork and how to keep a healthy competitive spirit. Unfortunately these things come at a price, as most sports require equipment, uniforms, and so forth. A school sports fundraiser can really help out with some...

Sports Fundraiser Ideas to Help You Reach Your Goals

It makes no difference if you are a small group trying to raise a moderate amount of funds for your sports team, or if you belong to a much larger group that needs a large amount of money, the problem is still this: you have to find some sports fundraiser ideas that will help you get to those goals in the most direct way possible. It's actually easier than you think, because there are...

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