Fundraising Groups

On this page we present you with the quickest path to finding your ideal fundraiser by identifying most of the different fundraising groups.When you click on a fundraising group you will be taken to a page that identifies the best fundraisers by group type.

As you review which of our fundraising products or ideas on those pagesl pay attention to whether you prefer direct sell items or pre sell items. With our assortment of choice products, fundraising becomes much easier. The most common direct sale items are fundraising cards and candy. The top fundraising ideas for pre sell items include cookie dough, food items, gift catalogs and candles. Toll Free for help 1-866-874-8383.

Here is a brief explanation of each of the main fundraising groups:

School Fundraising Groups

School fundraising is definitely one of the largest segments of fundraising. But there are so many different age groups that fall under this category the need exists for widely varied school fundraising ideas. Locate the group below that best describes your school group and review the different fundraising programs for school fundraisers that we suggest. Finding the right school fundraiser does not need to be time consuming anymore.

Sports Fundraising Groups

Choosing the right sports fund raiser is the most critical choice once you start researching sports fundraising ideas. We have put together many sports specific fundraising programs so that every sport can meet their fundraising goals. We hope you will find the perfect sports fund raising program for your group.

Church Group Fundraising / Spiritual

Church fundraisers take on all shapes and sizes. As you can see from the different church fundraiser ideas below, there are many areas within the church and faith-based community that depends on fundraising for its operating funds. We offer diverse church fundraising ideas so you can find church wide options and fundraisers geared toward smaller groups and individuals.

Non-Profit / Charity / Causes / Club Fundraising Programs

Non profit fundraising is essential to so many groups. Just look at the list of organizations below. It is just a small sample of the type of groups that depend on non-profit fundraising for their very existence. Since this is the most diverse group in terms of needs and purpose, it is also the group that often needs the most help choosing the right non profit fundraising idea.