Candle Fundraisers - Learn How to Raise the Most Money

Written by Howard Gottlieb

The candle industry has done a great job evolving with the times to not only keep itself relevant as a retail product but also as a perfect fundraising product.

In fact, candle fundraisers have grown by nearly 30% a year every year for the past four years.

We hope you'll watch our video to learn a little more.

Did you know that nearly every house in America has at least one candle in it? Now people not only burn candles they use fragrance bars in warmers. They use oils. It seems people have a love affair with candles. And that makes it the perfect fundraising product.

5 Reasons Our Candle Fundraisers Make Sense

5 Reasons

Reason #1 - You Make 50% Profit

There are lots of candle fundraisers available to people. In fact one of the best known candle brands in America, Yankee, offers a fundraising program.

The problem is that they only offer 40% profit and their candles are extremely expensive.

Why settle for lower profits? Our candle fundraisers have price points starting as low as $4. That means everyone can afford these products unlike candles that cost $20 or more.

Don't Settle for Less

Reason #2 - Best Selection of Candle Fundraisers

Although virtually every home and office in America owns and burns candles it doesn't mean that they all like the same thing.

We are different than many companies because we not only have multiple wax based products we also design different candle line that are attractive to different target markets.

For example we have Journey of Faith Candles for churches and Christian groups. We have a line of Holiday Candles designed to sell as gifts. Our top selling line for the past 5 years have been Earth Candles. And a couple of years ago we developed a line called Magic Melts which compete with all of the scented wax bars that have become so popular.

So before choosing a candle fundraiser consider who you will be selling to and choose a product designed specifically for your customers. You can also combine programs.

More Choices

Reason #3 - No Minimum Order

Since candles are so easy to sell it made sense to make these programs available to anyone. So years ago we decided to eliminate minimum order requirements.

That means everyone who sells candles will make 50% profit on every candle they sell.

No Minimum

Reason #4 - No Cost to Get Started

We not only offer the best selection of fundraising candles and eliminated minimums we wanted to make sure every group could start a candle fundraiser so we eliminated any upfront costs.

So if you are ready to start a candle fundraiser simply choose the products you want to sell and we will send you the following free of charge:

1. One full color brochure for every member of your group to sell with. This is what they will show friends and families and record orders on.

2. A cash collection envelope for each member of your group to store checks and cash in.

3. Complete printed instructions on how to hold your fundraiser.

4. An online dashboard to manage your fundraiser. You can submit your order here and you can even tally all your group orders in your dashboard.

No Upfront Cost

Reason #5 - We've Partnered with A Wonderful Candle Manufacturer

Our candles are manufactured here in the U.S.A. by Heritage Candles. Here's what they say about themselves:

"We are a family-owned business that is passionate about great candles, our wonderful customers and our partner programs. We pride ourselves on using the finest candle making ingredients available today to make hand poured candles that are: Highly Fragrant • Long Burning • Affordably Priced"

We have partnered with other candle producers in the past but none have ever been as dependable as Heritage. Their quality is outstanding and they treat each order as if it were the most special order they ever received.

More Information

How does a candle fundraiser work?

Candle fundraisers fit into a category called brochure or catalog sales. Basically that means that we provide a full color brochure, order form and cash collection envelope for each member of your group. They use those materials to sell candles with.

Your members show the brochures to friends, family and others and ask them to purchase candles. They'll take orders and collect payment. We suggest they sell for around 2 weeks.

At the end of your sale you collect everyone's order forms and tally both your orders and money together and you are ready to place your order.

You are not buying anything to start your sale. You only buy the candles that were already sold so there's no excess inventory risk or need to lay out any money.

Minimums, Packaging and Shipping

There is actually no minimum order on any of our candle lines. If you sell only one candle we will ship you one candle.

Although there is no real minimum we charge a shipping and handling fee of $65 if you sell less than 150 candles. Once you've sold 150 items we pay 100% of the cost of shipping. Obviously it pays to make sure you can sell 150 items or more to maximize your results.

Three of the candle lines offer candles in glass jars. The jars are packaged in individual boxes which are then placed in larger heavy cardboard boxes for shipping. Be aware that candles are heavy and fragile.

Our newest addition to our candle line is called Magic Melts. Those are wickless wax fragrance bars that you melt in candle warmers. The best known manufacturer of a similar product is Scentsy.

When you're ready to get started:

Most Popular

We offer 4 different candle lines. Earth Candles are the most popular because of the depth of the line. We offer Journey of Faith candles for church and Christian groups. Our newest glass jar candle is called Quote Candles. They have secular inspirational themes on the labels so they have broad appeal. And finally we have a brand new line of wickless wax fragrance bars called Magic Melts.

You'll find much more detail on each product page so we won't review all of those details here. But they all work the same.

When you're ready to get started you simply go to the product page and click on the Get Started button. We will ask for some basic information about your group and contact info. We'll ask how many brochures you'll need and when you want to get started. And that's it. We will send all your materials out within a day or two. When you get your brochures you are ready to go.

Why should I buy candles from Easy Fundraising Ideas:

Easy Fundraising Ideas helps more groups throughout the country than most any other company. So we know what types of candles are selling well and which aren't. You will find the best options available on this page.

The fact of the matter is that you can choose lots of companies to help with your fundraiser. We believe, though, that we are the best option and our customers will tell you that. That's why we offer testimonials from actual candle fundraising groups. You can see what they say before you decide.

Our Candle Fundraisers:

Earth Fundraising Candles
Our top candle fundraising program for 3 years. Highly fragrant, long burning.

Holiday Candle Fundraiser
Check Out Our NEW Home for the Holidays Candle Fundraiser.
Journey of Faith Candle Fundraising
Faith based candle is the perfect church fundraiser product.
Magic Melt Fundraiser Candles
Newest addition to candle fundraising. Highly scented wax bars..
Quote Candle Fundraiser
All the best fragrances with an inspirational message.
Magic Melts Carrier
Scented Wax Bars in an easy to sell carrier.
What Our Customers Say:
Earth Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Grantsburg Royalty - (February 18 2016)

Hello Teresa! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with our fundraiser! The candles arrived crazy fast

Earth Candles
Review Posted by: Cristina Walls - (December 02 2015)

Teresa, Thank you for your assistance. This was the first fundraiser I have ever done as a teacher and an adviser for National Honors Society. I am very pleased with the whole process and the candles as well. I have had a lot of positive feedback from my students and the faculty here at Grundy County High School! I am looking forward to our next fundraiser! Thanks again! Sincerely, Cristina Walls Grundy County High School Special Education Teacher National Honors Society Adviser

Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles
Review Posted by: Norma - (November 24 2015)

Ty so much for your help. My cousin was very happy. I recommended your company to 2 other people.. I was very satisfied and will use your company again. Thank you

Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles
Review Posted by: Carolyn Perry - (November 18 2015)

Thank you very much Teresa, and it was a pleasure doing business with your company! Carolyn Perry

Fundraising with Earth Candles
Review Posted by: Keith - (November 11 2015)

Lisa, Thank you so much for your help with the Candle Fundraiser. The whole process was super easy and being that I live in Georgia, the shipping took 1 day!! This was our first fundraiser and will not be our last. Thank you again!! Best Regards, Keith Black

Fundraising with Journey of Faith Candles
Review Posted by: Seascoast Charter Academy - (November 11 2015)

Kari, Thank you for all your help with our order! It got there so quickly and everyone was very happy with their candles! As always, I look forward to working with you again! Allissia

Journey of Faith Candles
Review Posted by: Grindhouse Wrestling - (August 27 2015)

Thank you very much Teresa! We were very pleased with the fundraiser and the ease of it. We will be using you guys again. Shauna Fry

Earth Candles
Review Posted by: Wendy - (July 14 2015)

Thank you so much! You all have been such a pleasure to work with. Can not wait to get our candles and distribute them.

Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles
Review Posted by: Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church - (June 15 2015)

Hi Teresa, All candles were included in order. I must say we had a successful fundraiser and many church members are pleased with size and fragrances. We will be running this again. It was not a hard fundraiser at all. I appreciated all your help as well. Thank You! Debra

Fundraising with Quote Candles
Review Posted by: Live Like Mike - (March 24 2015)

Everything was amazing! Fast shipping! Easy transaction and delivery! The candles smell wonderful!!!!!! I will be in touch in November! Thanks!

Journey of Faith Candles
Review Posted by: Lisa Driggers - (December 09 2014)

Our church, New Beginnings Pentecostal Church, just finished our first Journey of Faith Candle sale. We sold 100 candles and profited $535 in just one month. It was great. We are working on our next fundraiser for our Youth dept. Cookie dough. Thank you for making fund raising so easy.

Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles
Review Posted by: Holly - (December 04 2014)

I received the candles and they are wonderful!! We are already looking forward to our next fundraiser with you! Thanks, Holly

Earth Candles
Review Posted by: Loni Hodge - (November 17 2014)

Thank you for the speedy delivery! I love ordering candles from you guys because I get them so fast, not to mention they SMELL great! The candles arrived Friday afternoon and I just went through everything.

Fundraising with Journey of Faith Candles
Review Posted by: Ms Townsend - (November 17 2014)

The school and I would like to say thanks so much for you swift shipment! The funds were submitted on Wednesday we received the order on Friday!

Fundraising with Quote Candles
Review Posted by: Victoria - (November 04 2014)

Kari, Thank you so much! We are good. We are excited! Easy Fundraising IS easy fundraising!